Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motopresse Lives!

I just discovered that this is still live! Yeah. No. Modern Grace recognizes that while you can never truly delete anything from the internet, you can delete it from your own space. I'd forgotten about ever having written in this space at all, that's how far I am from the person I was here. This was a personal blog with very *colorful* language and some tangents about relationships past that make me feel like I must have been very young when I wrote in this space, although it was only four years ago. 

I have a new blog, as Momo at Motopresse. (As of 2010) You can also find me on Tumblr, here. FYI, my Tumblr blog is getting a lot more attention right now, with updates every day. I've spent some time working on my aesthetic and skill set, and my main site has been on pause pending the release of my line.

Feel free to look me up on Pinterest, as Motopresse/Grace Wood. Like Tumblr, this is getting a lot of my time. I've recently figured out how to turn off our TV, and the next step in increasing the number of hours in my day is going to be budgeting my time on Tumblr + Pinterest.

Thanks for checking up on me; I look forward to seeing anyone who finds this site first elsewhere on the internet.